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Strategy for Dental Health = Action Plan + Home Care

Comprehensive Examination

Dental Care ExamThe starting point for us is a comprehensive oral examination. We want to be sure that we understand everything about each patient situation, and make recommendations (i.e. Action Plan) that are tailored to your needs and those of your family. We will address your primary concerns and after a comprehensive oral examination discuss any findings and recommendations. Your input is very valuable to us.

Re-care Exams

Re-care exams help us monitor any changes in your mouth with the latest technology and conduct a thorough cleaning or Periodontal Treatment. As you would expect, home care is a big part of maintaining a healthy mouth.

Your smile is one of your greatest personal assets

At-home teeth whitening programs have proven to deliver great results! Your dentist will evaluate your teeth and smile to determine whether at-home whitening is right for you. In some cases a different procedure may better meet your expectations, but at-home whitening is a safe, fast and easy process.

Nocturnal grinding or bruxing can exert thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch on the surfaces of your teeth. This is taxing on teeth, the supporting bone, muscles, as well as the gums and jaw joint. If you or any member of your family has a nightly grinding problem, please make sure to contact us.

5 Million teeth get knocked out in sports annually in North America

Victims of knocked out teeth (i.e. tooth avulsions) who do not have their teeth properly preserved or re-implanted, may face lifetime dental costs of $10,000 – $15,000 per tooth, hours in the dentist’s chair, and possible development of other dental problems such as periodontal disease, jaw joint pathology, muscular disharmony, headaches and neuralgias.

This section of our site reviews why custom-made sports mouth guards are so important in the prevention of dental injury, concussion avoidance and all-round protection of the athlete.

DIAGNODENT can help find Decay The Easy Way

Diagnodent TorontoWe’ve invested in Diagnodent, a revolutionary laser that allows us to diagnose and subsequently treat dental decay in its earliest stage. Even very small cavities are detected at the beginning stage, enabling us to protect and preserve the tooth substance.

It is the best of both worlds; stopping the spread of tooth decay at a very early stage, which translates into smaller fillings, therefore preserving more of the natural tooth.

The DIAGNODENT Laser Cavity Detection Device is the most accurate cavity detection tool in dentistry today

Examinations using the latest Technology Diagnodent

Using Diagnodent technology allows us to detect and treat more areas of decay sooner and with more precision. Furthermore, it requires no x-rays and is a very comfortable procedure, most often done without any anaesthetic.

This system allows us to use micro-dentistry, also known as Drill-less Dentistry which is a minimally invasive filling procedure.

Research Paper reporting on the accuracy of Diagnodent

A study conducted by Dr. Lussi of general dentists in Berne University, Switzerland correctly diagnosed cavities in only 57% of all cases. The same group achieved an impressive success rate of 90% with the Diagnodent. In fact, Diagnodent was far more accurate than any other method in the study including X-rays.

Correct Diagnoses ProportionProportion of “correct diagnoses” using various diagnostic methods (in the case of seemingly intact occlusal surfaces).

For these reasons, we’ve invested in DIAGNODENT: a revolutionary new, thorough means of detecting cavities, so your exam can be fast, easy, and nearly imperceptible.

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