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What makes your practice holistic?

My journey into holistic dentistry began 30 years ago when I quit using mercury amalgam fillings.  As I started taking more courses and expanding my knowledge and beliefs towards alternative treatments.  Holistic dentists are also known as Biological Dentists or Alternative Dentists, We offer biocaompatible material testing for those people that are immune compromised and strive to use materials that are not toxic.

Are radiographs, x-rays necessary?

When we first see you to do a new examination some radiographs will be necessary.  We use digital radiographs at our practice which use much less radiation.  Up to 80% less radiation compared to the older traditional dental radiographs. Depending on your decay rate radiographs need only be taken once per year, every two years or every five years.

What is the protocol used to remove amalgam fillings?

When people make a decision to remove their mercury amalgam fillings we must make sure that the fillings are removed in a safe manner.  If the amalgams are removed without any precautions patients will be exposed to a large influx of mercury which can make them unwell.

The steps we follow;

  • Rubber dam placement. This is a rubber sheet that exposes the teeth we are working on and covers the rest of the mouth so no material will enter the mouth.
  • An oxygen nose piece is used so no mercury vapour is inhaled by the patient.
  • I will wear a respirator as will the dental assistant.
  • When removing the amalgam the filling is cut using a high speed drill with lots of water and everything is evacuated using a high volume suction. The filling is cut into sections and chunks are removed.
  • The room has a suction fan dedicated to this room to eliminate any toxic fumes created.
  • We have an ionizing collection system installed in the room.

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