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Projecting Confidence: How A Healthy Smile Can Actually Help You Interview Better



Looking your best not only makes you happier on the inside, but also gives you more confidence. Confidence is vital for your success in life. In fact, studies show that projecting confidence can get you a better job, and increase your chances of reaching the level of success you deserve.

How To Win An Interview With A Healthy Smile

A healthy smile can transform your appearance and increase your marketability. It makes you appear more attractive, more confident, and more relaxed to those around you. Here are some ways that these qualities can impact your interview:

  1. Greater chances of getting the job

    In a 2007 study by Kelton Research looking to identify the impact of tooth whitening on first impressions when attending interviews, eight random subjects attended two different mock interviews, before and after tooth whitening. It was observed that the candidates were 58 per cent more likely to get the job after getting their smiles improved.

  2. Higher chances of earning more

    Having a healthy smile not only boosts your chances of landing a job, but also affects your starting pay. The Kelton researchers also observed that subjects who got hired in both pre- and post-whitening mock interviews got more generous offers in their second interviews.

  3. You look smarter

    The digital perception study by Kelton Research for Invisalign also found that people with straight teeth were 45 per cent more likely to get hired than individuals with similar qualifications but crooked teeth. Furthermore, subjects scored an average of 61 per cent higher on perceived confidence and 65 per cent higher on professionalism following the tooth whitening procedure.

  4. You seem more sociable

    In another study by Kelton simulating mock dates (as opposed to job interviews), the researchers found that subjects were more likely to be perceived as outgoing by 59 per cent compared to before the whitening.

  5. You seem happier and healthier

    When 1,047 respondents in an online survey were asked to make instant judgments based on tooth alignment of various subjects, those with perfectly aligned teeth were 21 per cent more likely to be perceived as happy and 47 per cent more likely to be perceived as healthy.


In a 2012 survey by Kelton, 29 per cent of the respondents stated that they were more likely to notice the teeth (compared to other facial features) when meeting someone for the first time. First impressions, though superficial, are very important in an interview, as people will be less likely to be distracted by your insecurities – especially if you are so self-conscious of your teeth that you are afraid to speak up.

If you’re interested in changing the appearance of your teeth by straightening or whitening services, please call Centenary Dental today to set up a consultation.

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