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Getting Fitted For A Proper Sports Mouth Guard: Help Your Children Play Safe This Spring



When it comes to playing sports, you want your children wearing the proper padding and safety gear. You get them kneepads, shin guards and helmets but what about their mouths? A mouth guard provides the perfect way to protect your children’s teeth, lips, cheeks and tongue when they’re playing sports.

Getting Fitted For A Proper Sports Mouth Guard: Help Your Children Play Safe This Spring

What Is a Mouth Guard?

A mouth guard is a soft plastic device that is fitted to the inside of the your child’s mouth. It helps protect against mouth injuries, especially from contact sports.

Where Can I Get a Mouth Guard for My Children?

There are mouth guards available that you can buy and fit yourself. However, it is better to see your child’s dentist and have them do it. When your dentist creates a custom-fit mouth guard, an impression of your child’s teeth are taken. Then, using a dental putty, your dentist will form the grooves and divisions of each tooth to make an exact replica of your kid’s smile. The replicated mould is sent to a dental lab where the mouth guard is made with durable plastic. Store-bought mouth guards only form the general shape of the tooth line whereas professionally made guards are actually built to specifications making for better fit and protection.

How Effective are Mouth Guards?

The effectiveness of mouthguards lies with their preciseness. A custom-fit mouth guard is incredibly effective because it hugs each tooth closely, doesn’t allow for unwanted movement and is made of durable yet breathable material, so not to cause discomfort to the person wearing it.

How Often Do Mouth Guards Need to Be Replaced?

If your child is wearing a custom-made mouth guard then you will need to replace it every few years. Store-bought mouth guards need to be replaced frequently because they lack the durability found in their custom-fit counterparts. Depending on the level of wear and tear your child’s mouth guard is subjected to, they may be able to keep it for at least two to three years. However, children who are still growing will need to have their mouth guards replaced more often to accommodate the changes to their mouths.

What Sports Require Mouth Guards?

Any sport in which a player could potentially be hit in the mouth or receive full contact hits from other players requires a mouth guard. For example, basketball, hockey, gymnastics, lacrosse, martial arts, football, skiing, snowboarding, wrestling, soccer, rugby and skateboarding are some of the sports that your child should be wearing a mouthguard while playing.

If you’re looking to have your children fitted for custom mouth guards, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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