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How A Dental Night Guard Can Improve Your Sleep



Dental night guards are usually recommended for people with severe cases of TMJ disorders, jaw clenching, or bruxism—clenching and grinding your teeth while asleep. Any of these problems can disrupt your sleep patterns and even lead to insomnia, in addition to causing tooth damage and facial pain.

 Improve Your Sleep With A Dental Night Guard

Although there are several ways to help reduce these symptoms, such as stress management, eating softer foods, and using relaxation techniques to ease jaw tension, custom dental night guards offer immediate relief and allow you to sleep better as you work on other strategies. Generally, dental night guards improve your sleep patterns in the following ways:

  1. Custom Design for Maximum Comfort

    Custom night guards are designed to fit the shape of your teeth and mouth to maximize comfort, as you need to wear them all night. They are made from lightweight material and are designed to reduce the amount of stress in the temporomandibular joints and jaw muscles.

  2. Helps to Relax the Muscles

    With a good fit, the night guard alters the position of your jaw so that the muscles stay as relaxed as possible. This can in turn increase air intake to reduce problems associated with snoring and breathing at night, helping to improve the quality of your sleep.

  3. Alleviates Pain and Headaches

    Bruxism and TMJ disorders can lead to tooth sensitivity, toothaches, headaches, muscle fatigue, sore and tender jaw, spasms, ear aches and neck pain. All of these problems can make it hard for you to lie in a comfortable position to sleep. Moreover, the pain can keep you from achieving deep sleep, leading to concentration problems during the day. Wearing custom night guards can help to alleviate these pains and aches, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted sleep at night.

Finding the Right Dental Night Guard

From alleviating pain and headaches to preventing tooth damage to improving the quality of your sleep, it is apparent that dental night guards can improve the quality of life for people suffering from bruxism and jaw problems. However, all mouth guards are not created equal. Over the counter guards are not designed for the shape of your teeth and mouth, which means that they do not offer adequate protection to the jaw joints or muscles. In fact, they can aggravate the problem.

Some custom night guards are specially made to break the muscle memory for clenching and grinding by controlling the movement of jaw muscles. Contact your dentist to determine if a mouth guard can help to address your concerns.

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