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6 Ways To Get Your Kids Excited About The Dentist



There are many firsts when raising your child, some of which are fun and exciting, and others challenging and frustrating. Unfortunately, visiting the dentist falls in the latter category, with a lot of kicking, tears, and throwing stuff. This is not how you want to lay your child’s foundation for a healthy mouth and smile.

Getting Your Kids Excited For The Dentist

So, how can you get your child to stop throwing a tantrum every time they need a dental check-up, and even get excited about seeing the dentist?

  1. Visit a friendly dentist

    You need to introduce children to dentistry in a fun and carefree way so they enjoy going for a dental checkup. Do your research on paediatric dentists; visit their office, meet the staff, and see how comfortable and relaxed you feel. If you’re contented, your child should be as well.

  2. Lead by example

    If you’re nervous about seeing the dentist yourself, your kid will probably feel like there is a need to fear those appointments. Show your children that the dentist is a good friend who helps you maintain strong and healthy teeth by taking them with you to your own professional cleanings. If he/she witnesses that the dentist presents no pain/threat, and that your smile looks more beautiful after the visits, then the kid might let his/her guard down and enjoy the benefits.

  3. Prepare your child for dental visits

    The best way to get your child ready for the dental experience is by answering all questions they have honestly without downplaying their anxieties. Listen to their fears and help dissipate them by preparing your child appropriately for the dental checkup.

  4. Make dentistry enticing

    There are numerous toys, books, and apps about dentistry that can help get your child excited about visiting the dentist. Consider buying some tooth-friendly books for your kid’s library that will help inform them about what to expect, demystifying the upcoming dental visit. There are also some useful toys, such as vampire teeth that glow in the dark or wind up teeth that chatter, as well as educational apps, like “My Healthy Smile” in the Apple Store that teaches kids about common dental procedures, including losing baby teeth, dental cleanings, x-rays, getting a filling, and eating a balanced diet.

  5. Let him or her make some decisions

    It is important that you get your child to participate in making dental decisions, like choosing their own toothbrush or selecting a polish flavour.

  6. Reward your child for good behaviour

    After your child’s dental checkup, remember to review the process and highlight the positives. Whatever happens, including crying and kicking, congratulate them on being brave enough to take the right action.

With time, it should get easier for your child to attend dental checkups without any apprehension, which will help them maintain a healthy smile for longer.

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Dr. Stacey Stein
A graduate from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto, Dr. Stacy Stein provides personalized care to each patient by explaining the risks and benefits of different treatment options in an honest way, and involves patients in their own care. With a focus on preventative, paediatrics, restorative, prosthodontics, and endodontics, she loves working with patients of all ages.