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5 Solutions For Dental Phobia



Dental phobia is unfortunately common, and plagues people of all ages. There are many solutions for dental phobia, ranging from nitrous oxide sedation dentistry to seeing a therapist. Each of the below methods for combating dental phobia is proven effective, so it all depends on what works for the individual. Below you’ll find five solutions to help you get over your fear of the dentist.

Solutions For Dental Phobia

  1. Therapy

    Going to therapy isn’t reserved for battling depression, it can also help you deal with your dental phobia. Seeing a psychologist will equip you with coping mechanisms to get you through your next dental appointment. However, therapeutic breakthroughs don’t happen overnight. Don’t expect to come out completely cured after just one session with a psychologist. Therapy takes a little time, but in the end, it is an incredibly useful way to get over the anxiety associated with going to the dentist.

  2. Sedation Dentistry

    This is probably the most prevalent way of dealing with dental phobia. Sedation dentistry, or more specifically, nitrous oxide sedation dentistry, will calm you down while your teeth are being cleaned and checked. Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide can be administered by the dentist or hygienist before they get to work on your mouth. It is safe and will definitely put you in a great mood while you get your teeth cleaned.

  3. Relaxation Techniques

    You can find basic relaxation techniques online that can help you control your breathing and relax your muscles. When you are relaxed, you are less likely to be anxious. In combination with therapy or nitrous oxide sedation dentistry, relaxation techniques are especially effective in ensuring that you have less issues during your dental appointments.

  4. Buddy System

    When children experience fear of the dentist, they are accompanied by a parent during their checkup. When you’re an adult, you may feel that going to the dentist with a friend or loved one is juvenile, but in fact, it can be quite helpful when dealing with your dental phobia. Knowing that someone you trust is in the room with you while you’re getting oral care can sometimes be enough to get you through a dentist appointment without anxiety.

  5. Support Groups

    There are online and in-person support groups you can join to help you fight dental phobia. Support groups allow you to connect with people who have the same fear of the dentist that you do, and give you a chance to talk openly about your experiences. You can also get recommendations from group members about which dental phobia solutions they prefer.

The most important thing to remember about dental phobia is that you are not alone. With a little work, you’ll be able to overcome your fear of the dentist and enjoy a healthy mouth.

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Dr. Tali Waksman
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