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Dentures Or Dental Implants: Which Do You Need?



If you’re missing one or more teeth and need to replace them, there are a number of procedures you can opt for, including dentures and dental implants. But which one is right for you?

Do You Need Dentures Or Dental Implants?

A look at dental implants

Do you mind undergoing dental surgery? If you choose implants, you should expect at least two surgical periods within a period of several months. Their level of complication also makes them more expensive than dentures and other replacement options.

With dental implants, an artificial post made from titanium is surgically inserted into the jaw, where it bonds to the jawbone creating a strong support that is similar to the root of your natural tooth on which the tooth replacement can be mounted. This process makes implants look and feel like your natural teeth.

Dental implants have many benefits: they’re stronger and more durable compared to dentures and other restorations, plus they provide you with a permanent solution to missing teeth.

Implants are generally used in combination with other dental procedures to increase their effectiveness. For instance, the implant can be used to anchor a dental bridge or to support a set of dentures.

Although implants are considered the most durable and functional treatment of missing teeth, not everyone is a good candidate. For a successful implant, you need to be in good overall health, have healthy gums, and have enough jaw bone to bond to the titanium posts and support the restoration.

Some chronic conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes, and chronic sinus problems tend to interfere with healing, which increases the risk of failure.

Using dentures

For people who don’t want to go through dental surgery, dentures are usually the next best option for replacing missing teeth. They can be used to replace a few teeth, via a partial denture, or an entire set in the upper or lower jaw, with complete dentures.

Unlike implants that take several months to complete, immediate dentures can be fitted on your first appointment so you don’t have to stay without teeth. However, the healing phase may be quite uncomfortable because the dentures have to be worn while the tissues are healing. Although they’re cheaper compared to implants, they’ll never feel like your natural teeth, plus they require a greater level of care.

Choosing the right one

Dental implants are usually the best option compared to dentures, because:

  • They are not removable but rather fixed (stay in the mouth) (and won’t loosen)- they can loosen and fail- please delete
  • They provide the closest feel to your natural state
  • They prevent further bone loss
  • They allow you to maintain your diet
  • They make It easier to maintain oral hygiene with regular brushing and flossing

That said, it is important that you visit your dentist to ensure that you make an informed decision about which option is best for you to pursue.

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Dr. Tali Waksman
A graduate from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto, Dr. Tali Waksman went on to work as the only dentist on a Native reserve, serving 2000 people after completing a residency at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. With a warm and friendly personality and close attention to detail, she treats every patient like family.