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How Emergency Dental Care can Help Repair a Cracked Tooth



If you’ve ever had a cracked tooth, you’ll know it can be annoying, and sometimes painful. It’s annoying because the need to get to a dentist immediately, and that means interrupting your schedule and fitting in a new appointment.

How Emergency Dental Care Can Help Repair a Cracked Tooth

If you have young ones, they’ll probably need to miss a day of school or other activities to see the dentist and discuss treatment options.

Centenary Dental for Emergencies

That’s why it’s good to understand what kind of emergency dental Toronto care can help repair a cracked tooth, and keep an emergency dentist’s number on hand so it’s available when you need it.

At Centenary Dental, emergency dental care Toronto is one of our many services. We are open evenings and weekends and we do our very best to offer you a same-day appointment when you have a dental emergency.

Many things can cause a tooth to crack. Sometimes, if the tooth has a filling, it may have weakened over time. This can happen particularly with molars, given the regular pressure of chewing food. Hard foods such as nuts can cause a tooth to crack. And people who grind their teeth a lot – known as bruxism - can also be prone to damaging their teeth.

Cracked Tooth Dental Emergency

A cracked tooth can produce a range of symptoms, from very painful, to not painful at all. In fact, some people do not realize that they have a cracked tooth until they come for their check-up.

For others, however, the problem is noticeable as soon as the injury happens. The moment the tooth cracks, they hear a sound or feel an uncomfortable sensation. Soreness may follow, or even severe pain. The tooth could become very sensitive to hot or cold temperatures.

Seek Emergency Dental Care Toronto Immediately

Fortunately, many people are aware that a cracked tooth can be potentially serious and that they should get to the dentist as soon as possible.

A good knowledge of oral hygiene and what problems a cracked tooth can cause will prompt a call. Many of us realize that If the crack is near a gap between the teeth, or close to a filling, food debris could gather, risking infection within the tooth, even after brushing.

For children, a tooth with a crack can cause discomfort. Younger kids often have a harder time leaving the injury alone and by poking around with fingers or sharp objects, they could make things worse.

Emergency Dental Care Toronto Treatment Options for a Cracked Tooth

There are some excellent treatment options for cracked teeth. When you get to your appointment your dentist will take a look at the tooth and determine how bad the crack is and what kind of treatment is best. The purpose of the treatment will be to repair the tooth and prevent further damage or any infection.

Bonded Fillings

If the crack isn’t too serious it’s possible you might only need some bonding material applied, or a small filling. We believe in amalgam-free (or mercury-free) fillings and so use a composite resin which is chemically bonded in place. It is likely that you will need a second appointment after your emergency dental care Toronto appointment.

Porcelain Fillings

If the damage is a little bit greater, porcelain will be used to repair the tooth and make it look as good as it was before the crack. The porcelain is bonded in place with resin to keep out any bacteria.


Veneers are usually recognized as a great solution to discolored teeth or crooked teeth. However, they can be used in cases of cracked teeth, where the crack is particularly ugly and needs repair. The veneer will be made of porcelain, and extremely strong material, and will look like your own tooth. They come in different shades to match your natural colour.


For a badly damaged tooth, you may be looking at a composite resin filling. But most likely, a crown will need to be installed. We use the latest technology to offer onlays, inlays, or crowns for cracked teeth.

Amazing Tooth Restoration

CEREC technology means that at Centenary Dental we can create a restoration for the tooth that gives an excellent fit and function for crowns, onlays, and inlays.

We can do this with our CAD/CAM CEREC System. This technology creates dental restorations with a computerized milling process using biocompatible dental materials.

For a small crack, a bonded porcelain inlay is the ideal choice. It is a small porcelain/ceramic filling that covers the grooves of the teeth.

With a larger crack or damage to a tooth, a bonded porcelain onlay is the best option. It is a larger porcelain/ceramic treatment and protects against bacteria. They can be custom coloured to match the teeth.

CEREC Cracked Tooth Repair In One Day

If the crack in your tooth is an actual break, and you have lost most of the enamel, a CEREC crown (known as a cap) will be created. Amazingly, this can be done within one day, so you may have your new crown on the day of your emergency!

The technology means no conventional uncomfortable impressions and no temporary crowns. Within two hours your new crown will be created with great precision with the CEREC CAD/CAM System. The tooth is created, baked and cemented within a few hours. This means your emergency dental care Toronto can provide you with a solution without a second appointment!

The new crown will fit tightly, covering all of the tooth and its missing enamel. It will be a strong and durable chewing or biting surface.

Root Canal

If you have had some tooth decay and the tooth has suddenly cracked, the damaged tooth may require a root canal. As you probably know, this means going deep into the tooth and its root to remove any bacteria and the decayed areas of the tooth. A root canal like this can be performed in one visit. A second visit is required to add the permanent crown.

An Implant

If the crack or chip to your tooth has caused severe damage and none of the options above are possible, your dentist will recommend a dental implant. Implants are created to look and function like a natural tooth.

Another benefit of an implant is that it is attached to the jaw bone, which may help prevent the loss of bone mass which can happen after your tooth is removed.

Centenary Dental is open extended hours to help accommodate your emergency dental care Toronto. We try hard to fit in your emergency appointment on the same day, so if you have a chipped, cracked or broken tooth, contact us today.

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