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Frequently Asked Questions About CEREC Answered



Whether you’ve already heard about CEREC dental restorations, or are just learning about it for the first time, you’ve probably got some questions about what CEREC does, and how it works. CEREC is a procedure that has been used by a select group of specially trained dentists, since 1987. CEREC is used not only to replace old, silver fillings with tooth-coloured ceramic fillings, but also to completely restore any broken, chipped, or decayed teeth to improve appearance and strength.

Your Questions About CEREC Answered

If you are unhappy with your teeth, or have teeth that are weakened, broken, or otherwise damaged, CEREC may be a great way for you to boost your smile, your oral health, and your confidence. But what exactly is CEREC? Here, we’ll answer a few common questions about this procedure.

How does CEREC work?

First, your dentist will examine the tooth or teeth in question and determine what the best treatment will be. This may be a filling replacement, or a crown over the entire tooth. After this, your dentist will start preparing your tooth for the restoration, which involves administering an anesthetic to numb the tooth and then removing any cavity in the tooth. Once the tooth is clear, they will take an “optical impression”, which involved covering the tooth in a tasteless, non-toxic powder and taking a digital photograph. This is much more comfortable than the usual way dentists take impressions.

After the photo is taken, the CEREC machine will generate a 3-D image of the restoration needed. From this image, an all-ceramic tooth restoration that matches the colour of the original tooth will be created. It will then be polished, and bonded to the tooth.

How Many Appointments Will I Need?

One of the best things about CEREC dental restorations is that they are done in just one dental appointment! There is no return trip necessary, and the crown is permanent. It takes only 10-20 minutes from the time the optical impression is taken to having your dental restoration made.

Will People be Able to Tell I’ve Had CEREC?

CEREC dental restorations are all 100% ceramic, and chosen specifically to match the colour of the original tooth. Whether you are having a filling replaced with a ceramic inlay or getting a full coverage crown using CEREC technology, the finished result will look completely natural. The high-strength ceramics used will completely restore the strength, and look of your teeth!

If you are hoping to have any dental restoration, ask your dentist about CEREC today!

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