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Best Foods To Eat (And Avoid) For Braces



For anyone who has ever experienced wearing braces before, they are likely acutely aware of just how many food and drink restrictions you are forced to observe while wearing them, and for good reason. What you eat or drink while wearing braces can have a huge impact on the success of the braces, as well as overall oral hygiene. If you or someone you know is about to begin treatment with braces, take notice of the best foods to eat, and those to avoid, while wearing braces.

Foods To Eat/Avoid With Braces

What to Avoid:

Sticky foods
Foods such as candies, dried fruits, and taffy should be strictly avoided while wearing braces. Gum and peanut butter are also foods to avoid. This is because these will easily become trapped between your braces, making cleaning an absolute nightmare.

Tough meats
If you are a fan of foods like beef jerky or any dried and cured meats that are normally tough to chew and require a lot of chewing to break down, then you are going to have to cut it out of your diet once the braces are on. The biggest danger of chewing tough meats while wearing braces is the potential for them to loosen the wires and brackets.

Anything hard or crunchy can be difficult to chew on while wearing braces. Foods like nuts, candy, and hard fruits fall under this category. Nuts are major culprits behind brace problems because they fracture into tiny pieces and can easily become lodged in between the braces and your teeth.

Best foods for braces:

Soft fruit
Soft fruits like grapefruits, kiwis, nectarines, plums, bananas etc. can be eaten without experiencing any major problem with your braces. Just make sure to clean properly (including brushing and flossing) after each meal.

Dairy products
While you can’t eat tough meats with your braces, you can certainly eat yogurt as a protein substitute.

Soft grains
Cooked pasta, rice, and oatmeal are all good foods for people with braces because they place little to no strain on the hardware.

Another good place to make up for lost protein is eggs. Eggs are ideal protein substitutes for people with braces because they are easy to chew, they break down quickly, and will not put strain on the braces.

Having braces means taking certain precautions to ensure that the investment (in time as well as money) is well worth the effort. With braces, you will certainly have to avoid food, but the above list contains some of the best foods with which to substitute your pre-braces diet.

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