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How to Prevent a Dental Emergency



We’re pretty sure that you don’t think about dental emergencies very much at all. You’re busy with your life—work, family time, and social activities. Emergency dental work isn’t even at the back of your mind until it happens to you. Then it becomes front and centre. A Major Interruption Needing an emergency dental appointment in Toronto is becoming more frequent. Your teeth and gums face demanding use everyday and so even over a decade—nevermind a lifetime—teeth may weaken and gums can recede. For kids and teens, it’s a whole different set of circumstances. When your young ones need emergency dental care, the cause could be a chipped or lost tooth, a cut gum, or a lost filling. If you’re a parent to preschoolers, you’ll know that little ones are constantly putting things in their mouths, and we’re not just talking about food! A child’s natural curiosity can turn into a…

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