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Tips For Cleaning Your Sports Mouthguard



Sports mouthguards are recommended for a range of sports, and should be worn for practice and games to protect the mouth and prevent any kind of oral injury. While mouthguards can safeguard your teeth and smile, especially when taking part in contact sports, such as ice hockey, boxing, football and lacrosse, among others, and also non-contact sports like gymnastics, they can also be potentially dangerous if not kept clean. These guards can be a breeding spot for dangerous bacteria that cause cavities, periodontitis, and possibly tooth loss. So, it is important that you keep your sports mouthguard clean by following these tips: Scrub Your Mouthguard At the very minimum, you should always rinse your mouth guard using cool water after wearing it. Also, take this time to scrub your guard with a small toothbrush, such as a child’s toothbrush. Alternatively, you can scrub it using a regular toothbrush, your finger,…

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