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Are Pregnant Women Prone To Gingivitis?



One of the pitfalls of pregnancy, from an oral health standpoint, is that it brings about hormonal changes that place a woman at increased risk for oral health problems like inflammation of the gums, also known as gingivitis, and other forms of periodontitis (gum disease). Because of these fluctuating hormone levels it is estimated that 40% of women will develop gingivitis at some point during their pregnancy – a condition referred to as “pregnancy gingivitis.” The reason that women are more predisposed to the condition during pregnancy is because of the greater levels of progesterone present in the body while a woman is with child, which create an ideal oral environment for gingivitis-causing bacteria to thrive and grow in. The biochemical progesterone, which is a hormone produced by a woman’s ovaries, also makes gum tissue hypersensitive to plaque and tends to create and exaggerate the immune response by the body…

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