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What is an Amalgam Filling?



For over 150 years, dentists have used a type of filling called ‘amalgam filling’. You may have also heard of it by the name of ‘silver fillings,’ although silver is only a very minor ingredient in the mixture. The main ingredient is mercury – a toxic chemical. Dr. Ken Wolch doesn’t use mercury amalgam in his fillings, and he hasn’t for over three decades. A growing number of dentists and health organizations realize that it is unsafe and irresponsible to introduce this harmful substance to patients and the environment. Risks of mercury exposure Mercury is a type of neurotoxin, which means that it can harm brain and nerve functions. Youth, pregnant mothers, and people with kidney problems are all at a greater risk from mercury’s toxicity. It can even pass from a mother to an unborn baby. Mercury contamination The mercury in amalgam fillings does not simply stay bound up…

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